Terms and Conditions



This agreement and disclosure specifically governs Online Banking, including the bill payment service, and informs you of your rights and responsibilities and the Terms and Conditions associated with the service you have requested. Please read this agreement and disclosure carefully. In this agreement and disclosure, the words “You”, “Your” and “Yours” mean each and everyone who utilizes Online Banking. The words “We”, “Us”, “Our”, and “Credit Union” mean The Florist Federal Credit Union and the words “the service” refer to Home Banking.

You agree to be bound by all the terms and conditions contained herein and also the terms and conditions found in the Credit Union’s membership and account agreement brochures. You further agree to abide by any terms and conditions, which may be added because of our future enhancement to Online Banking.

Member Express

Online Banking is a service that lets you manage your finances online, including bill payment services. It provides you access to your account 24-hours a day-seven days a week (24x7) from anywhere in the US, via the Internet. Through Online Banking you can access your accounts to check balances, review transactions, transfer funds, and obtain loan balances. Through bill payment services you can set up a one-time payment or reoccurring payments.

Security and Protecting Your Account

The Florist Federal Credit Union is strongly committed to protecting the security and confidentiality of our member account information. We use state of the art technology in the ongoing development of Online Banking to ensure security and privacy. In order to access Online Banking, you must have a browser that supports 128-BIT encryption. For further information, see our security document.

Security Code Issuance

Upon enrollment, a User ID and an eight (8) digit Security code will be issued. It is the responsibility of the member to change the security code immediately.

Your Responsibility

  • Not to give out your identifying information such as your PC password to any other person.
  • Never to leave your account information displayed in an area accessible to others.
  • Never leave your PC unattended while using Online Banking.
  • To always exit and sign off the system properly.
  • To notify The Florist Federal Credit Union at 1-800-322-0811 or 1-575-622-0560 immediately if you suspect that your password has become known to any unauthorized person.
  • That you understand that by using Online Banking you have agreed to the terms and conditions of this agreement.
  • To use Online Banking solely as provided in this agreement.
  • That The Florist Federal Credit Union may download certain information to your computer of other access device, including customer identification information.
  • To properly maintain any accounts you have The Florist Federal Credit Union, to comply with the most recent membership account agreement information brochure governing these accounts.
  • To pay any fees incurred by the use or maintenance of your accounts.

Member Liability

If you fail to maintain security of your User ID and security code and the Credit Union suffers a loss, we reserve the right to terminate service to you under this agreement, as well as to terminate other deposit and loan services. The Florist Federal Credit Union will not be responsible for any losses you suffer due to your failure to maintain the security of your User ID and security code. Users of the service should use such other security code protection precautions as may be appropriate under any particular set of circumstances to ensure proper security over system access and access to account and transaction information.

This service provides the capability for you to change your security code. To help safeguard your security, you should change your security code frequently. If you forgot your security code or your system access is disabled due to the use of an incorrect security code, you must contact The Florist Federal Credit Union to request that a temporary security code be issued to you. We reserve the right to require written re-application for a new or replacement security code.

Fees and Charges

There is no fee for Online Banking/Bill Pay. There is no fee for termination thereof. However, The Florist Federal Credit Union reserves the right to impose fees or to subsequently change any fee structure with or without notice as required by law.

System Unavailability

Access to the service may be unavailable at certain times for the following reasons:

  • Scheduled maintenance-- there will be periods when systems require maintenance or upgrades;
  • Unscheduled maintenance--service may be unavailable when unforeseen maintenance is necessary;
  • System outages --major unforeseen events, including but not limited to, earthquake, fire, flood, computer failure, interruption in telephone service or electrical outages, which may cause system unavailability.

The Florist Federal Credit Union will make all reasonable efforts to ensure the availability of the service. However, The Florist Federal Credit Union is in no way liable for the unavailability of Online Banking or any consequential damages that may result.

Termination of Agreement and Services

You may cancel this agreement and terminate your service with The Florist Federal Credit Union at any time by notifying the Credit Union orally or in writing. The Credit Union may terminate its service and this agreement and disclosure at any time by giving you advance notification via e-mail.


This agreement may be amended by the Credit Union at any time at its discretion. You will receive notice of amendments required by law via e-mail.