About Us


The WTNM Federal Credit Union received a federal charter in 1969, after members of the WesTexas New Mexico Florist Association looked for ideas to benefit the members of the Association.  The original office was in Midland, Texas, and in 1973 it was moved to Roswell, New Mexico where the volunteer manager lived and owned a flower shop.  Through the dedication of many volunteers serving in various capacities, the credit union began to grow and prosper. In 2004, WTNM Federal Credit Union merged with Texas State Florists Association Credit Union, and the name for both was changed to The Florist Federal Credit Union.  We honor the efforts and support of the volunteers of both Texas State and WTNM Credit Union, who's spirit and hard work helped to create a healthy and vibrant financial cooperative for florists, employees, and families nationwide.  We are a credit union with an "associational" field of membership.  Those eligible for membership are:
  1. All owners and employees of florist shops who hold a membership in the National Alliance of Floral Assocations (NAFA), WesTexas New Mexico Florist Association,  New Mexico State Florist Association, Oklahoma State Florists' Association, Texas State Florists' Association, Florida State Florists' Association, Connecticut Florists Association, North Carolina State Florists Association or Arkansas Florists Association and their immediate family members.
  2. All owners and employees of wholesale firms who hold a membership in any of the above Associations .
  3. All firms who hold a membership in either of the above Associations. If you are a member and leave the field of membership, you can keep your account and maintain your privileges.  Once a member, always a member is our motto. You'll find that the credit union difference will be an experience you and your family will want to last a lifetime. And don't keep us a secret. Tell your family and/or your fellow florists about the benefits of The Florist Federal Credit Union. It makes no difference in what city or state you reside; we have members all over the country--from coast to coast and border to border. We have the ability to service your needs quickly and efficiently.